Thursday, 27 October 2011


An opportunity has arisen for a Test Manager to provide support to identify, quantify, plan and control all business testing related activity on change projects.
Main responsibilities will include:
· Provide support to business testing functions on projects
· Work with business-side clients early in the change project to produce a clear sets of testing requirements to inform work in the project testing phase
· Develop and explore innovative options to address testing requirements 
· Oversee the delivery of pragmatic business and operational testing strategies which maximise benefits while achieving the desired business outcomes 
· Assess and design new business change processes, systems, products and services to support testing on a change project
· Ensure all governance, risk management, controls and compliance requirements are considered during development of testing requirements and designs
· Develop and implement new business change processes, systems, products and services to support testing on a change project. Provide an aggregate high level view of the combined proposed solutions and ensure alignment with the change solution.
· Manage interdependencies across projects/programmes and leverage synergies across projects/programmes to maximise return on investment.
· Review the to-be business process design to understand organisation / role impacts and create role descriptions for business process testing roles
· Provide specialist, objective and analytical insight on all business testing related activity on a change project.  Lead / contribute (as appropriate) to Project, Programme and Cluster level
The successful candidate will be able to provide leadership to the Testing function, understand at a high level the interface between complex business needs and the complex legal and regulatory environment in which the business operates as well as having an overall understanding of the Financial Services industry.

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