Friday, 2 November 2012

Pay attention Mr Bond!

In the same week that sees the premiere of the latest James Bond film, Sberbank has issued a solid gold, diamond-encrusted Visa credit card.

Kazakhstan's oligarchs now have a novel new way to flaunt their wealth, with the launch of  the Visa Infinite Exclusive cards - made of pure gold, with pearl embossing and 26 diamonds. The cards have been issued to its top 100 customers in the energy-rich country.

The card can be used for chip and PIN transactions but, with no mag-stripe, owners (or a member of their entourage) will have to carry a regular piece of plastic if they want to get at their fortune via an ATM.

According to ABC News, the card will cost $100,000, of which $65,000 is needed to mint it, with the rest added to its balance.

This is not the first card of its type to be issued in Kazakhstan however, as Kazkommertsbank issued their own MasterCard branded diamond-encrusted card in bling-enamoured Kazakhstan back in 2008.

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