Friday, 8 July 2011

Market activation opportunites at Visa - London based

There are 2 Market activation opportunites at Visa - London based with responsibility for Northern and Southern Europe.

Visa Europe is owned and operated by more than 4,000 European member banks and was incorporated in July 2004. In October 2007, Visa Europe became independent of the new global Visa Inc., with an exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual licence in Europe. As a dedicated European payment system it is able to respond quickly to the specific market needs of European banks and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European Commission’s objective to create a true internal market for payments.
Visa enjoys unsurpassed acceptance around the world. In addition, Visa/PLUS is one of the world’s largest global ATM networks, offering cash access in local currency in over 200 countries.

These roles are accountable for developing, implementing and evaluating the communications plans and activities for their markets

The successful candidates will demonstrate the drive to lead the communications agenda for their markets working within a centralised approach whilst delivering the most effective solutions for each territory covered.
The person needs to be both ‘hands on’ in terms of implementation and also add real value in the strategic planning of communications.
The role requires an experienced communications expert, likely to have previously worked as a Senior Brand Manager (FMCG) or an Account/Planning Director at a communications agency.

Essential criteria:
• Extensive experience within marketing or communication roles covering financial services, FMCG, telecommunications or technology sectors.
• Demonstrable experience of managing and developing a team
• Experience of working across multiple European markets and cultures
• Good understanding of both ‘traditional’ and new/innovative media/communication channels
• Proven ability to show understanding of ROI and other marketing KPIs.
• Ability to multi task, prioritise according to business objectives, cope under pressure and deliver to tight deadlines
• Experience of using communications for customer acquisition
• Experience in developing and delivering promotions – including brief, mechanics, legalities, creative and fulfilment including the complexities of Visa’s ability to ‘see’ all data
• Strong presentation skills, both in putting presentations together and their delivery.
• Excellent influencing and communication skills to manage senior level internal and external stakeholders and to secure buy-in
• Team player to work in a matrix management organisation with a ‘can do’ attitude and a flexible approach to working – i.e. ‘Do what needs to be done’ – capable and determined to make things happen
• Proven ability to manage significant budgets

These are exciting opportunities to progress your career in a pan-European environment dealing with the biggest brands in the Financial Services sector.

For more information on the roles and how to apply go to

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Senior Manager-Payments needed for Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society seeks Senior Manager – Payments
Nationwide, the world's biggest building is looking for a Senior Manager – Payments to lead their Service Managers.
Nationwide has assets worth around £190 billion.
They are the UK's third largest savings provider and third largest mortgage lender.
Setting the pace
Nationwide is one of the largest funders of social housing in the UK.
In the year to April 2010 Nationwide's products featured in best buy tables in national newspapers over 600 times.
In 2009, Nationwide won over 10 major awards from independent organisations for its products and services including: most trusted financial services company, most trusted savings provider, most trusted mortgage provider, best building society, best overall online provider, and best mortgage customer service.
In 2009 Nationwide was named as one of the world's top 50 safest financial institutions by Global Finance magazine.
In 2009, they expanded their savings operation into the Republic of Ireland with the opening of Nationwide UK (Ireland), headquartered in Dublin.
In 2009 Nationwide acquired selected assets and liabilities of Dunfermline Building Society.
In 2008 mergers with The Derbyshire and The Cheshire Building Societies were successfully completed bringing greater financial security to customers of these societies.
In 2007 their merger with Portman Building Society created a society with 14 million members.
In 2001 they launched the UK’s first internet banking service available through a television and set top box.
In 1997 they were the first to introduce a retail internet banking service in the UK.
In October 1995 they became the first building society to launch PC home banking.
In June 1995 they became one of the first financial organisations to have a site on the Internet.
They launched a Visa Delta debit card in 1991.
They changed the face of retail banking in 1987 when they introduced their award winning FlexAccount.
A reputation for integrity
Nationwide has raised awareness of ‘negative order of payments’ practice on credit cards and influenced the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to include ‘order of payments’ in its review. Unlike many other credit card providers Nationwide operates a more customer friendly ‘positive’ order of payments which means that when you make a payment to reduce the balance on your credit card, they reduce your most expensive debt first.
Since 2008 Nationwide has campaigned for fairness in allocation of payments into the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and a fairer risk based scheme is now planned.
In October 2002 they became the first UK credit card issuer to introduce a 'summary box', outlining all the key rates and charges. As a result of Nationwide's leadership, all credit card issuers are now required to provide a summary box. They have launched a similar summary box for our current account and personal loan products.
Pride in our people
Nationwide has been recognised as an Investors in People organisation since 1992 and they continue to enjoy a successful relationship with IIP and their partners. In 2007 Nationwide was again given Investors in People Champion status until October 2010
Supporting the community
Their members and employees have raised over £6 million for Macmillan Cancer Support since 1993.
They have distributed over 12 million pedestrian reflectors to primary school children to make them much more visible to motorists.
The award winning Nationwide Education web site delivers free financial and safety education to teachers, children and parents has already received over 5.5m 'hits'.
They have invested £3 million in Citizens Advice to fund the recruitment and training of 1,300 volunteers who provide financial education, training and advice on money matters.
They are the major sponsor of Disability Sport Events with a £1million investment in swimming and athletics, stretching to the 2012 Paralympics. DSE organises regional, national and international championships in a variety of sports.
In order to apply for the Senior Manager, Payments role, please go to,-payments-194.htm for more information and to progress your application.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Visa Consulting and Analytics awarded MCA membership

In September 2010, Visa Consulting and Analytics was awarded The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) membership and it has now joined a prestigious group of 55 premium consulting firms which includes the Big 4: Accenture, Deloitte, PWC and KPMG. Visa Consulting and Analytics is Visa Europe’s advisory practice. It has been awarded membership of the MCA, which is the representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK.

Visa Consulting and Analytics was founded in 2006 and had quickly established itself as a premium payments consulting business. It has clients across Europe and it helps them get the most out of their payments systems and cards.
MCA in a statement said that VC&A consultants draw from their pan global and European experience to deliver “strategic planning, capability and hands-on implementation of innovative and value creating payment solutions”.
Clients who have used the services of VC&A have consistently given approval ratings of above 85% to the consulting firm. 100% of clients who have used VCC&A have said they would work with it again.
After VC&A won the membership, Peter Ayliffe, President of Visa Europe, said in a statement that they were proud that the firm had surpassed MCA’s stringent entry criteria and become a member. He also said that the firm had, in less than 5 years established itself as a consultancy service to reckon with. He also said that getting membership of MCA was clear proof that VC&A has gained “a clear recognition of the quality and value”.
Alan Leaman, CEO of the MCA said in a statement after the announcement that MCA members gain a badge of quality and the rigorous Code of Practice they follow guarantees clients to believe that they are getting the best of consultancy services on offer. At we have an opportunity to join this prestigious team based out of Visa's Milan office. For more information on this and other exciting roles go to

Friday, 1 July 2011

10 things that will get you fired!

Nobody wants to get fired. Most people avoid it by generally doing good work and keeping complaints about their jobs to themselves or close family.
Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There are many things that can get you fired beyond the obvious; you don't have to burn down the office to get your P45.
It may not be fair to get fired because you choose not to shower, think you're smarter than your boss or have issues admitting when you're wrong, but it can happen. Here are ten ways to get thrown off your job.

1. Get Conveniently Sick
It's okay to take sick days when you need them, but if you take too many at the wrong times, it could mean more free time to convalesce.
The same goes for holidays. Ditching the company for a few days of sun and sea in the middle of a busy season reflects poorly on your dedication to the well-being of the business.

2. Lie on Your Job Application
Make sure your application  reflects the job description but if you have not got the skill set or experience, don’t even bother applying.
In the vent you end up getting the job and your performance lags, your CV may be reviewed again. An inconsistency or poorly timed embellishment could be used to get rid of you.

3. Be Disgusting
If you aren't diligent with your hygiene, people probably aren't going to go out of their way to keep you around.
You might think that hygiene habits should be a personal decision left to each staff member's own discretion, but bad body odour goes beyond the cubicle around you….

4. Stay Anonymous
If you always keep your head down, never remind your boss of your accomplishments, and aren't a familiar face to the higher-ups, you aren't going to be remembered for what you're worth when headcount is being shaved.
It's not enough to just work hard, stay late, and be intelligent.
If you don't speak up in meetings and share your ideas, you'll be the one who doesn't have ideas instead of the one who works late and meets deadlines.
5. Never Compromise
An ego is arguably a necessity in the business world. But a big head that's consistently getting in the way of efficiency and teamwork is a head that will roll!
6. Be Ungrateful
With unemployment hovering around 9%, try to be thankful for what you have, instead of whining about what you think you deserve.
Now is not a good time to ask for a pay rise or to tell your boss that the work they are providing you with is beneath you.
7. Don't Respect the Chain of Command
It's likely that the current chain of command in the office has long been in place, and for good reason. Except in the most extreme of circumstances, experts recommend respecting it.
When you're emotionally intelligent, aware of your surroundings and know who the players are, you have a sense of what you should say when, and when you should keep your mouth shut. You know when you should go over someone's head, and when you should follow the chain of command.
No matter how much you hate your boss or how inefficient you think he is, it's usually career suicide to reveal those sentiments to somebody more senior.

8. Spend Time With the Complainers, Non-Performers and Gossips
When company information is leaked or major deadlines are missed, someone will likely be fired. Even if you weren't involved, you don't want your name associated with those of the usual suspects.

9. Never Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong
 If you make a mistake, don't lie about it. The truth will come out -- and you'll get a lot of negative attention if you're forced to admit you tried to cover up.

10. Take Credit for Other People's Work
No one likes a freeloader. If you are the worker who never presents an original thought at work, or you take credit for others' accomplishments, you're likely to find yourself out the door.
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