Friday 30 March 2012

US card processor hit by 'massive' breach

Visa and MasterCard are warning banks that a US credit card processor has suffered a major security breach that may have compromised the data of millions of people, according to the KrebsonSecurity blog.
Citing sources, the well-connected blog says the breach - which happened between 21 January and 25 February - is being called "massive", potentially involving more than 10 million cards.
In alerts to banks, Visa and MasterCard have warned that "full Track 1 and Track 2 data" has been taken, meaning counterfeits could be made using the information. The name of the processor has not been revealed.

Do you know if you have been affected ?
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Is it possible to make money out of social media?

That's the question Finextra will be asking at the launch of Finextra's second annual Social Media Day event on 25 April at Thomson Reuters' meeting centre in Canary Wharf.
Picking up from last year's successful inaugural launch event in New York and London, the April meeting will move the discussion along to explore the practical application of social media within the financial services sector.

Once again, they have convened an expert panel of financial services heavyweights to explain how forward-thinking enterprises are using the latest social media monitoring tools and data mining techniques to gain real strategic advantage in their marketing, customer relationship and investment programmes.

The event offers a rare opportunity for financial services firms to learn first-hand from pioneering firms about the technology, tools, and staffing requirements needed to make a successful - and profitable - foray into the social media arena.

Is it possible to make money out of social media? Come along for the day and find out for yourself. You might be surprised.

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Thursday 29 March 2012

Mobile phones to be primary banking channel by 2015

2015 is the date stated by Brett King, author of the best seller, Bank 2.0 and advisor to some of the world s biggest financial services organizations and leading brands, for technology to come over traditional banking methods.

Banks have spent billions of dollars over the past decade developing and deploying technology that is supposed to give consumers a new way to pay for stuff, squeezing out old-fashioned cash. Yet as financial companies spend freely in a rush to the latest frontier, known as mobile payments, previous technology stumbles offer a reminder of how tough it can be to change consumer habits.

Security threats are advancing and transaction costs escalating, so banks systems must be prepared to meet the challenges of the new century. As volumes and transacted values increase, they need to update, implement and enhance their settlement systems, technologies and techniques to meet the escalating needs of their treasured and demanding customers.

PSRA 2012 is Asia's most informed meeting place for central banks, commercial banks, settlement systems architects and connected payment services providers.

As an increasing number of people now work overseas with mobile phones and internet access, mobile, e-banking

and newer payment technologies are seen as being powerful driving forces used to transact funds and this is what the forum will focus on.

Banks must update, implement and enhance their settlement systems, technologies and techniques to meet the challenges of the new century. The conference, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, is uniquely designed to gather actionable insights for regulators, commercial banks and private payment providers to achieve efficient and fraudfree transactions, monetise the new payment technologies, cut transactions costs and of course, networking.

Considered as one of the giant markets for payments, Indonesia experiences a surge in online shopping, and consequently electronic payment system that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers in a digital world.

Comscore, a leader in measuring digital world, researched this and the result is internet visits in Indonesia went up to 72% in a year, more than other countries in Asia.

Online banking allows account holders to do financial transaction in the digital world, such as bill payment and fund transfer, which facilitate online shopping. Another popular service is e-money. While most banks offer e-money in card format, Non Banks institutions such as telecommunication companies offer e-money to transfer funds between subscribers, such as T-Cash (Telkomsel), i-Vas (Telkom) and Dompetku (Indosat). T-Cash has 5.3 million subscribers until first quarter 2011, grew from 4.7 million subscribers in the end of 2010, and targeted to have about 8 million subscribers or grow by about 70% in the end of 2011 (5).

On 3 May 2011, Indonesian Government introduced a regulation about fund transfer to public. According to this regulation, non-bank institutions that run financial transaction within the country have to be licensed (approved by The Government). Government officials said that the regulations was created to protect banks and customers and currently there were about 70 non-bank institutions that had the licenses.

Unquestionably, this is the most important meeting this year since main services providers such as Bank Indonesia, Bank of Thailand, Central Bank of the Philippines, Reserve Bank of India, National Payments Corp, Bank Negara Indonesia and PayPal will be present. Plus, Asian Central Banks will benchmark new payments methods in a matchless panel discussion.

Learn more about Payments, Settlements and Remittances Asia 2012 at:

Arc Media Global is the world's first B2B/G2B integrated marketing specialist, with a mission to enable business development, innovation and sustainability in emerging markets' strategic sectors.
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CARTES in Asia is a regional Exhibition for the APAC market and a high-level Congress covering smart security, payment, identification and mobility.
After a successful second edition, CARTES in Asia is now established as a large-scale event dedicated to smart technologies in Asia-Pacific. The participation of the major companies in the smart card industry, the quality of the audience in the conference and the increased number of visitors coming from 61 countries have confirmed the high potential of the event.
Decision makers in the banking, telecom, transportation and security sectors have a unique opportunity to discover innovative technologies from international exhibitors stands, but also to enhance their knowledge through the conferences and round-tables on the hotest topics.
  • 120 exhibitors
- Cards & smart cards, Smart objects / Contactless technologies / Payment solutions, e-transactions / Personalisation, printers, other machinery / Identification, strong authentication / POS, card readers and terminals / Software, applets / Component, ICs / Testing tools and measure

  • 3,056 visitors
- 85% from the Asia Pacific region : Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Australia, Philippines, Japan -15% from other regions (Europe, Middle-East, Americas)
- Bank and payment, IT and Security, Retail, Telecom, Governement and Transport, Smart cards manufacturers

  • High-level content and innovations displayed 2 days of international conferences by market experts

  • The Asian SESAMES Award for the most innovative application in the Asia Pacific region

2011 key exhibition figures
  • 3,056 visitors, 85% come from the Asia Pacific region
  • 120 exhibitors
  • 326 congress attendees
  • 61 countries represented

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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Business Development Manager - Online gaming - must be 100% hunter

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER- online gambling, online betting, new business sales
A Team Manager for UK Sales is required by a leading online payment service provider, to develop and manage relationships with new Merchants to gain, maintain and leverage new business.
As a Sales Manager / Business Development Manager you will be responsible for leading and co-ordinating the UK sales force to generate, win and close deals with new Merchants.
Required Skills, Knowledge, Experience
• A 100% hunter-gatherer
• A proven track record in sales within the payment industry and/or related businesses, preferably in the online gambling or betting industry.
• Proven networking skills in Online Gaming or Betting Industry
• Experience with working in a European / international environment
• Excellent knowledge of internet payment technologies / applications
• Affinity with complex concept selling and the full sales cycle
• Strong client focus, ability to think in terms of client experience / perspective
Special Requirements
• Willing to travel within the UK but also abroad European-wide
Main Tasks
• Manage, lead and coordinate the UK sales force.
• Generate, win and close deals with new Merchants
• Identify new business opportunities with respect to the full product portfolio and manage it from cold call, contact, proposal, pricing negotiation, commercial setup and improving revenues
• Take ownership for dedicated new Merchants or Merchant groups on all organisational levels until contract is closed and merchant is on boarded
• Develop and fulfil a merchant-development-programme for each Merchant and/or Merchant group(s)
• Guide/manage/motivate/collaborate with Merchant Services/Sales Support / Product Management / Sales Consultant´s and all other relevant departments if requested
Following successful completion of their probation period, the job holder will be considered for the position of Executive Director of the UK company. If granted, this position will become part of the jobholder’s daily responsibilities in addition to core sales functions described above.

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Cybercrime is a growing risk for FS firms

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, cybercrime is a growing threat to financial services firms and is now the second most common type of economic crime the industry faces, .
Cyber attacks accounted for 38% of all economic crime incidents experienced by finance companies  in 2011, according to the poll of 878 industry respondents from 56 countries, with asset misappropriation only just behind.

Around 50% of think that the threat of cybercrime has increased in the last year while, unsurprisingly, IT is considered the department presenting the biggest risk, cited by 63% of those asked.

Asked about what concerns them about the fallout of cybercrime, 54% say the reputational damage, 49% the loss of personal identifiable information, only 39% the actual financial losses and 32% regulatory issues.

Despite the risks, 29% of respondents say that their company offers no cybersecurity-related training, although this compares well to other industries covered by PwC.

Andrew Clark, forensic services partner, PwC, says: "It appears that some FS organisations are complacent about the risks that cybercrime poses, in spite of serious concerns about potential damage arising from cyber threats." has the latest industry fraud related jobs, go now to view and apply. 

Monday 26 March 2012

Square upgrades proposition

Square, the independent mobile payments service, is taking on PayPal's Here bank card reader with some upgrades of its own. The name 'Card Case' is gone and has changed to 'Pay with Square' instead. The new iOS and Android app offering will also point you in the direction of nearby shops where you can pay with Square via a map view – though the number is not huge in the UK right now.

Have you used a simialr offering yet ? How has it worked for you?

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Friday 23 March 2012

Java Developer - London based must have payments experience

My client, a market leading organisation in the payment industry, is recruiting for a Java developer to join their team. This is an ideal opportunity for a 2nd or 3rd jobber looking to loosen the “Junior” title and move into a richly rewarding, forward thinking and expanding organisation. You will have 2-years commercial Java experience behind you, ideally from an intensive transactional environment (advantageous), with very strong communication skills at all levels. You will have a generous mix of programming experience with the ideal wish list involving some of the following – Hibernate / JPA, JEE / EJB, Spring & Spring MVC, Messaging e.g. JMS, MDB, RabbitMQ. The ideal candidate will also have some exposure, knowledge or interest in – Agile methodologies, JUnit, Continuous Integration, Maven, REST, XML, Unix/Linux and an interest in or experience with functional languages is desirable (e.g. Ruby, Scala, Clojure), with an interest in SOA. This is a very exciting and rewarding opportunity for a growing developer with strong Java experience, it is imperative that you have strong communication skills due to the business needs, but also an eye for detail, interest in emerging technologies, delivery conscious and a contributor to the team (Scrum).

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Thursday 22 March 2012

The 5 personality types of Innovation

Forbes Insights’ recent study, “Nurturing Europe’s Spirit of Enterprise: How Entrepreneurial Executives Mobilize Organizations to Innovate,” identifies five major personalities crucial to fostering a healthy atmosphere of innovation within an organisation. Some are more entrepreneurial, and some more process-oriented – but all play a critical role.
The Forbes Insights study surveyed more than 1,200 executives in Europe across a range of topics and themes. Using a series of questions about their attitudes, beliefs, priorities and behaviours a picture emerged of five key personality types that play a role in the innovation cycle.
The Five Personality Types of Innovation: a breakdown
Movers and Shakers. With a strong personal drive, these are leaders. Targets and rewards motivate them strongly, but a major incentive for this group is the idea of creating a legacy and wielding influence over others. These are the ones who like being in the front, driving projects forward (and maybe promoting themselves in the process), but at the end of the day, they provide the push to get things done. On the flip side, they can be a bit arrogant, and impatient with teamwork. Movers and Shakers tend to cluster in risk and corporate strategy, in the private equity and media industries, at mid-size companies; though they comprise 22% of total executives, at companies with revenues of $25 million to $1 billion, Movers and Shakers can encompass up to one-third of the executive suite.

Experimenters. Persistent and open to all new things, experimenters are perhaps the perfect combination for bringing a new idea through the various phases of development and execution. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is perhaps the best way to describe them. They’re perfectionists and tend to be workaholics, most likely because it takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and hard work to push through an idea or initiative that hasn’t yet caught on. They take deep pride in their achievements, but they also enjoy sharing their expertise with others; they’re that intense colleague who feels passionately about what they do and makes everyone else feel guilty for daydreaming during the meeting about what they plan on making for dinner that night. Because they’re so persistent, even in the face of sometimes considerable pushback, they’re crucial to the innovation cycle. They tend to be risk-takers, and comprise about 16% of executives – and are most likely to be found in mid-size firms of $100 million to $1 billion (20%). Surprisingly, they’re least likely to be CEOs or COOs – just 14% and 15%, respectively, are Experimenters.

Star Pupils. Do you remember the children in junior school who sat at the front, whose hands were the first in the air whenever the teacher asked a question? This is the segment of the executive population the little dears grew into. They’re good at everything, really: developing their personal brand, seeking out and cultivating the right mentors, identifying colleagues’ best talents and putting them to their best use. Somehow, they seem to be able to rise through the ranks and make things happen, even when corporate culture seems stacked against them. Unsurprisingly, CEOs tend to be Star Pupils. What’s most interesting about this group, though, is the fact that, at 24% of corporate executives, they don’t seem to cluster in any one particular job function, industry or company size; rather, they can grow and thrive anywhere: IT, finance, start-ups, established MNCs. They’re the stem cells of the business world.

Controllers. Uncomfortable with risk, Controllers thrive on structure and shy away from more nebulous projects. Above all, they prefer to be in control of their domain and like to have everything in its place. As colleagues, they’re not exactly the team players and networkers; Controllers are more insular and like to focus on concrete, clear-cut objectives where they know exactly where they stand and can better control everything around them. They comprise 15% of executives — the smallest group overall — and tend to cluster on both extremes of the spectrum: either in the largest enterprises (with 1,000 or more employees) or the smallest (with fewer than 10). This makes sense when you think about it: controllers thrive on overseeing bureaucracy (at larger firms) or having complete control over all aspects of their sphere – at the smallest firms, they may be the business owner who has built an entire company around their personality. Controllers pop up most frequently in sales and marketing and finance, and populate the more practical, less visionary, end of the corporate hierarchy: these are the department heads and managers who receive their marching orders and get to mobilising their troops to marching.

Hangers-On. Forget the less-than-flattering name; these executives exist to bring everyone back down to earth and tether them to reality. On a dinner plate, Hangers-On would be the spinach: few people’s favourite, but extremely important in rounding out the completeness of the meal. Like Controllers, they don’t embrace unstructured environments, and they tend to take things one step further, hewing to conventional wisdom and tried-and-true processes over the new and untested. When asked to pick a side, Hangers-On will most likely pick the middle. This is not necessarily a bad set of characteristics to have; someone has to be the one to remind everyone of limitations and institutional processes. While they comprise 23% of all executives – the same no matter the company size – they cluster most strongly in the CFO/Treasurer/Comptroller role, where 38% are Hangers-On. This makes sense; someone has to remind everyone of budget and resource constraints.

No one group can be considered the purest “entrepreneurial group,” but Movers and Shakers and Experimenters may be the closest. They have the strongest tendency to be internally driven, in control and bridle the most at others telling them what to do. Younger, more innovative firms generally need Movers and Shakers at the top, channeling the energy of Experimenters into a vision that can be implemented. As organizations grow larger and more established, however, they need Star Pupils who can translate that vision into a strategy and lead it forward, Controllers who can marshal the troops to execute it and Hangers-On who can rein it in. A firm reaching maturity has greater need for strong processes, as well as those who value control.

As we’ve seen time and again, unbridled innovation is a wonderful thing. But it’s what comes next that’s arguably more important. To get an innovative idea off the ground, it’s crucial to have a cast of characters who can keep that tension between risk-taking and reality at a healthy balance midway between the sky and the ground — where innovation can thrive.

Thinkers need doers to get things done, and idealists need number crunchers to tether them to reality.
Do you agree ? What type are you ??

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Wednesday 21 March 2012


Taking place in London on March 27th and 28th at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London. You can't afford to miss the Card Fraud Conference if you are a professional working in the Card and Fraud industry
Who should attend this conference?

  • Fraud and risk directors and managers
  • Consumer credit portfolio managers
  • Audit, forensic, investigation, collection and recovery managers
  • Data analysts
  • Risk decision makers
  • Banks, building societies and other lenders
  • Card issuers
  • Credit reference bureaux
  • Advisers on fraud
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Fraud experts

Key points about this conference – who and what you will hear:

  • The strategic challenges of around the industry – cards payments and new technology including mobile commerce
  • Banking initiatives to tackle fraud, counterfeiting and computer crime from The UK Cards Association, APACS, VISA, ATOS, TSYS, MasterCard, Experian
  • Update on new legal and law enforcement initiatives including leading criminal QC Mark Lucraft and Bill Trueman – this will include a panel discussion led by Anich McIntosh editor of Fraud Watch
  • Issuer and acquirer and scheme perspectives on the UK card industry threats
  • Credit, debit, charge and prepaid issuer and acquirer card fraud risks and industry trends – including a review from Datamonitor
  • Other industry experts, including alternative perspectives from Independent expert; Andrew Churchill; mobile commerce review from mobile phone expert Charles Brookson and Keith Dewey of Ernst & Young
  • Many others and great opportunities to network with the experts
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Tuesday 20 March 2012

WHSmith goes contactless with Streamline & Visa Europe

Leading retailer implements contactless payment technology

 WHSmith, one of the UK’s largest retailers of stationery, books, newspapers, magazines and impulse products, has become the latest business in the UK to go contactless in partnership with Streamline & Visa Europe. The new contactless payment option will initially be available in 46 major travel locations, such as London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Mainline Railway Stations across the UK. These stores are expected to go live throughout Spring 2012.

The Visa payWave contactless technology provided by Streamline enables consumers to simply touch the reader with their cards for everyday items under £15 (rising to £20 from 1 June). Transactions take place in less than a second, giving both retailers and consumers speed and convenience without the need to handle cash. For retailers, contactless payments help to reduce the costs associated with cash handling, and the related security costs of having cash on site.
Matt Rowsell, Chief Commercial Officer for Streamline, said: "Contactless payments are ideally suited to time-poor shoppers, such as those travelling through busy rail and airport locations. We’re confident that contactless will enhance the customer experience and reduce transaction times in these very busy stores."
"The introduction of contactless at these key travel sites is ideal for consumers who often need to complete a purchase quickly prior to catching a train or plane. We are delighted that WHSmith has decided to adopt contactless technology and believe the introduction of this service will be of great value to their customers," said Mark Austin, Head of Contactless at Visa Europe.
With over 1,000 stores across the UK, WHSmith is the first large bookseller, stationer and newsagent to adopt contactless technology in the UK.

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Monday 19 March 2012

YESpay teams up with

Global card payments company YESpay has teamed up with to provide a hosted Facebook social commerce service dubbed YESfstore, a Facebook storefront with integrated payment services.
By integrating the YES-wallet’s Pouch digital wallet with YESpay’s payment services, the companies now provide a platform which enables retailers and entrepreneurs to sell any goods and services via Facebook storefront pages with integrated web card payments.
YESfstore enables social commerce for merchants as it constructs and hosts their Facebook storefront pages integrated with its Pouch web payment wallet within the YESfstore Facebook shopping basket.
The Pouch wallet is designed to store credit and debit payment card details, payment receipts, loyalty and coupon information and enables customers to carry out payments., the hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) for YESfstore, features a series of capabilities including product management, order notification and order management.
YESpay has recently partnered with to deliver e-Money payment service, a cloud-based NFC contactless payment service for NFC smartphones.

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Saturday 17 March 2012

PayPal announces Card Reader, app for Android, iOS

PayPal has announced a new mobile payment service involving a Card Reader and an app for the service called PayPal Here.

PayPal, has launched a new service to enable mobile payments named PayPal Here.

PayPal Here works in tandem with a small device that needs to be plugged into an Apple iPhone or Android based smartphone and used with a specific app. The PayPal Here app can be used to accept any type of credit card, debit card and even cash. The PayPal Here device and service will be immediately made available to selected merchants in the US, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.

PayPal Here is the new mobile payment service that will let you pay using your credit card or debit card from practically anywhere. A small triangular dongle - Card Reader, needs to be plugged to the merchant's device and the PayPal Here app needs to be loaded on the iPhone or an Android smartphone. After that the merchant simply swipes users' credit/debit card across the dongle to initiate the transaction. Then the merchant has to enter the CVV and the other details. A receipt can then be printed using Apple's AirPrint wireless printing service.

Alternatively, the PayPal Here app can be used to scan the credit card or debit card using the smartphone's camera. The Merchant can then proceed with the transaction process. In any case, the merchant requires the customer to enter the CVV code and only then successfully complete the transaction. Besides enabling mobile payment, the PayPal Here app will offer integration to the merchant's inventory, invoices and billing systems.

It is interesting to see PayPal offer such  an innovative solution while mobile payments through Near Field Communication technology is still some time away from becoming a mainstream payment method.

 PayPal has already released a Widget that allows payments via NFC technology.
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Thursday 15 March 2012

DataCash launches white label payments gateway

MasterCard’s payments gateway subsidiary DataCash has rolled out a white label payment solution for banks and processors that enables payment, fraud and risk management.

According to Ajay Bhalla, president of DataCash, the launch of the solution is a “great step” towards growing DataCash’s distribution network under the MasterCard company name.
  • Features of the DataCash White Label Payment Gateway service include:
  • A pipeline solution to make processing less complex
  • Multiple payment type management based on channels, geographies and consumer demographics
  • Card processing
DataCash said that the company was working on“new and innovative tools” for banks and acquirers.
One of the acquirers using the service is Elavon.

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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Cash machines which make you watch adverts before you withdraw your money

Cash machines that let you watch adverts to avoid paying fees could be coming to Australia, an industry expert has indicated.
The idea is being trialled after some success in the U.S. and could hit machines that charge soon.

However, customers caught in a cash machine queue are being warned they might be left waiting an extra long time.

Australian banking customers are expected to follow in the footsteps of ATM users in the U.S. and make free transactions if they watch a quick commercial first.

Customers ATM is the country's largest independent provider of ATMs with more than 6,000 terminals.

The company's corporate affairs manager Rohan Martin said the concept could hit our nation's cash machines.

'Time will tell,' Mr Martin said. 'Whilst the very large advertisers see it (ATMs) as an excellent medium, we're mindful that the intrinsic function of the terminal remains.

'That is convenience, it's about people gaining cash in a safe and secure environment and doing that as quickly and efficiently as possible.'

Mr Martin said ATM providers would need to look at the value of wavering or discounting the cost of making a withdrawal if advertising were used.

U.S. company Free ATMs NYC rolled out the concept late last year and millions of users have made the most of fee-free withdrawals by simply watching commercials for up to 30 seconds.

In Australia, consumers are often hit with fees starting from about £1 for withdrawing cash from an ATM if they use a machine that is not linked with their bank.

Australian Bankers' Association chief executive officer Steven Munchenberg said he would be surprised if big banks promoted third-party sources and not their own financial institution on their ATMs.

'Banks already use their ATMs as a form of advertising,' he said.

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Monday 12 March 2012

Fraud levels on Visa cards continue to fall as consumers increasingly choose to pay by card

Annual figures released by Financial Fraud UK and the UK Cards Association show that for the third year in a row, card fraud losses continue to decline and fraud levels are at their lowest since 2000. Visa Europe’s fraud to sales ratio is even lower than the industry average: for every hundred pounds spent on a Visa card in the UK, less than five pence is lost to fraud.

Peter Bayley, Senior Vice President, Fraud Management, Visa Europe, says: "Today’s official figures are great news for consumers who can be assured that paying by card is safer than ever. With one in every three pounds in the UK now spent on a Visa card, Visa Europe is building upon our anti-fraud expertise as we push forward and shape the future of payments. We are developing advances in technology that will make payments easier and more convenient through contactless and mobile payments, while still maintaining the high standards of security that consumers expect.
“Consumers have been changing the ways in which they choose to pay; as they have done so, we have responded by implementing new layers of security– such as Verified by Visa (VbV) – to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. The future of payment technology is really exciting and our challenge is to make sure card users feel as safe as possible whichever way they choose to pay.
“Since the UK fully transitioned to Chip and PIN six years ago, we’ve seen fraud rates plummet and ongoing investment in new security technology by the banking industry really pay off. Overall fraud losses on UK Visa cards were down 2% in the year ending September 2011, while counterfeit fraud was down by a massive 31%. These data show how Visa Europe’s active commitment to safe, secure, and convenient card payments is continuing to pay dividends for both consumers and retailers.
“Fraud cases involving Visa cards across the whole European region continue to fall and the fraud to sales ratio is now just 0.04%.”

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Friday 9 March 2012

ZipZap Selected As SafetyPay's Preferred Cash Payment Option For All Global Merchants

ZipZap, Inc., the leading global cash transaction network, and SafetyPay, a secure payment provider serving online shoppers, merchants and banks worldwide, today announced that ZipZap's CashPay solution has been selected by SafetyPay as their preferred cash payment option for eCommerce merchants across all channels.

ZipZap's CashPay solution, which enables consumers to make purchases online and pay cash offline in their local neighborhood through a global network of over 700,000 payment centers, will provide SafetyPay with access to the hundreds of millions of cash-preferred consumers worldwide.

Currently World Bank estimates that over 50% of the global population does not have access to banking or credit, while Javelin Research estimates that 30% of consumers will spend more online if they can pay with cash. This new partnership between SafetyPay and ZipZap will provide this growing market segment with secure and convenient payment solution for online transactions.

"We are delighted to partner with SafetyPay and enable their merchants to reach this untapped consumer demographic." stated Alan Safahi, Founder and CEO of ZipZap.

While SafetyPay plans to offer this new payment option to all merchant partners, one of the key industries targeted for implementation will be travel.

SafteyPay's travel industry merchant partners will now have the ability to add an entirely new revenue stream free of chargeback and fraud risk, while giving cash-preferred consumers a secure, convenient and risk-free way to purchase online travel services - something not currently available to them today.

In markets where international credit card penetration is low, local payment options like cash are essential. Not only do they add to consumer convenience, but also potentially increase consumer adoption - statistics show that 52% of customers using cash vouchers for online payment were new customers to the airline. According to Javelin Research (July 2009 Online Spending Research Index) consumers would spend 30% more online if they were able to pay in cash.

"As the emerging leader in secure payments for the airline and travel industry, SafetyPay's decision to partner with ZipZap will perfectly position them to offer cash-preferred consumers worldwide the ability to pay for airline and travel tickets in cash,- something this consumer segment has traditionally not been able to do" added Safahi.

"We are very excited to partner with ZipZap and add CashPay to our payment options for millions of consumers who wish to shop online and book airline and travel tickets with cash in local currency" said Manuel Montero , CEO of SafetyPay.

About ZipZap, Inc.
ZipZap, Inc. is the leading global cash transaction network enabling consumers to use cash to make online purchases, pay bills, and top-up eWallets, prepaid cards and mobile accounts. Through a global network of over 700,000 payment centers, consumers can complete transactions in their neighborhood conveniently and easily using local currency. As an alternative payments provider, ZipZap is redefining the payment experience for more than one billion cash-preferred consumers worldwide.

Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations around the globe.

About SafetyPay
SafetyPay is a global, safe and secure online payment solution that enables online banking customers to make internet purchases from merchants worldwide, and pay directly from their local bank account in their local currency. SafetyPay provides banks with an additional revenue stream and expands their merchants' customer base with an international reach of more than 200 million potential banking customers. SafetyPay also is available through mobile devices and specializes in such key industries as travel and online gaming.

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Thursday 8 March 2012

American Express and Morgan Stanley Announce New Co-brand Cards Created Exclusively for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Clients

American Express and Morgan Stanley Announce New Co-brand Cards Created Exclusively for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Clients
NEW YORK, March 8, 2012 --

American Express and Morgan Stanley today launched two new co-branded Cards: The Morgan Stanley Credit Card from American Express and The Platinum Card® from American Express exclusively for Morgan Stanley.

The new Cards offer exclusive benefits for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney clients with eligible brokerage accounts(1) and access to American Express' award-winning customer service and Membership Rewards® program. Key features include:

The Morgan Stanley Credit Card from American Express(2)
The Platinum Card from American Express Exclusively for Morgan Stanley(2)
10,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 within 3 months of opening a Card account50,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 within 3 months of opening a Card account
Additional Cards at no annual fee One Additional Card at no annual fee
1X Membership Rewards point for all eligible purchases1X Membership Rewards point for all eligible purchases
$0 Introductory offer for first year, then $95 annual fee Access to Airport Clubs, $200 Airline Credit, no foreign exchange fees and access to Platinum Card® Concierge
Annual fee of $450

"These new cards advance our commitment to serving our clients' wealth management needs, including investment, credit and cash management, in a comprehensive fashion. We are delighted to partner with American Express, a true leader in the field, to offer clients a convenient way to enjoy superior service combined with an exceptional rewards program," said Shelley O'Connor, Head of the Morgan Stanley Private Banking Group.

"This is an important collaboration for our Consumer Services business and we are pleased to welcome Morgan Stanley to our growing family of partners," said Gunther Bright, executive vice president and general manager, business development and partnerships, American Express. "The benefits, rewards and experiences we're offering through our new Cards reflect the premium value of our brands and our long heritage of award-winning service."

Membership Rewards Program from American Express
Cardmembers are automatically enrolled in the Membership Rewards program and can redeem points for rewards including: vacations, tickets to concerts, the latest gadgets and gift cards to many of their favorite stores. Cardmembers have the option to transfer points directly into many airline frequent-flier programs for award seats or use the Pay with Points feature to book any seat, anytime, on any airline with no blackout dates or other restrictions.

Points have no expiration date, and there is no limit on the number of points a Cardmember can earn. Cardmembers will have an opportunity to earn Membership Rewards points by adding Additional Cards to their account for members of their family or trusted household.

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EMV Global Product Manager


As a global leader in financial services, American Express has built its reputation on continual innovation and forward thinking. And since we’re committed to becoming the world’s most respected service brand, we continually strive to deliver the best possible service to our customers all around the world. 

Right now, we’re looking for an EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Global Product Manager to join our team in Brighton.  You will be working a fast-paced environment and will have the responsibility of managing and supporting cross-functional, global implementation projects in the area of EMV payments. This exciting and diverse role will also involve you working with vendors and developing strategic and tactical plans to support the roll-out of EMV in the marketplace.

A relationship builder with strong leadership and strategic skills, you’ll have a strong drive for results and the ability to grasp technical concepts. Able to demonstrate good knowledge of end-to-end payment transaction, you also bring with you strong experience in EMV and the Payments industry. In addition, you’ll have excellent global product and project management experience and will have the ability to navigate through matrix management structure and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with people at all levels.

American Express is recognised the world over as a great place to work. Join us and you’ll find it easy to see why.

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Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition

The Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition will be held April 11-12, 2012 at the World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This CXO level event will focus on the convergence of social media, mobile connectivity and payments technology. Don’t miss the only conference dedicated wholly to the exploration of this new and exciting marketplace.
We invite executives, entrepreneurs, and engineers to attend and participate in this groundbreaking event. New business models are emerging from the intersection of these three separate elements; group buying, and right-now deals are reshaping commerce. Shoppers check-in and check-out with their mobile devices, telling their network, friends and family about their finds, and fails.
Hear compelling presentations from world renowned experts in social media, mobile connectivity and payment technology. Meet and interact with executives, thought leaders, experts and innovators in the social, mobile and payments ecosystems. Participate, embrace & share your findings with your peers, meet like-minded individuals and explore your passions.

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Senior Loyalty Payments Consultant - French speaking - Paris based

Loyalty Manager needed  for a worldwide Credit Card provider. This 18-24 month contract will be based in Paris. This role requires a solid background in customer loyalty programmes, an understanding of loyalty principles and ability to programme manage cross-functional teams to implement changes aimed at driving enhanced customer loyalty. The programme will involve Loyalty, Strategy and Definition.
• Define and implement the Customer Loyalty strategy
• Develop and project manage advanced multi-channel loyalty programmes for the client
• Develop Customer Focus Marketing Strategies
• Oversee the design of each programme and all related features
Requirements and Qualifications:
• French Speaking
• Experience in managing Customer Premium Loyalty programmes
• In-depth knowledge of Customer Loyalty theory and implementation
• Experience with various Loyalty models and their pros and cons
• Experience within Financial Services
• Hands on marketing experience

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Western Union Business Solutions partners with Mercer Outsourcing for pension payments processing

Western Union Business Solutions, a business unit of the Western Union Company, has entered an agreement with UK-based human resource consulting services provider Mercer Outsourcing to process payments to pensioners in 80 countries around the world.

Under the agreement, Mercer Outsourcing is set to pay their overseas pensioners through Western Union Business Solutions. Consequently, funds can be delivered into bank accounts in 80 countries in 44 different currencies. Mercer Outsourcing employees are set to be able to validate a pensioner’s details before payments are made.

Western Union Business Solutions enables companies to send and receive cross-border payments and manage foreign exchange. Western Union Business Solutions delivers its services through locally licensed affiliates in 23 countries allowing businesses to send cross-border payments in more than 140 currencies.

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Monday 5 March 2012

Senior Loyalty Payments Consultant - France

Loyalty Manager for a worldwide Credit Card provider. This 18-24 month contract will be based in Paris. This role requires a solid background in customer loyalty programmes, an understanding of loyalty principles and ability to programme manage cross-functional teams to implement changes aimed at driving enhanced customer loyalty. The programme will involve Loyalty, Strategy and Definition.
• Define and implement the Customer Loyalty strategy
• Develop and project manage advanced multi-channel loyalty programmes for the client
• Develop Customer Focus Marketing Strategies
• Oversee the design of each programme and all related features
Requirements and Qualifications:
• French Speaking
• Experience in managing Customer Premium Loyalty programmes
• In-depth knowledge of Customer Loyalty theory and implementation
• Experience with various Loyalty models and their pros and cons
• Experience within Financial Services
• Hands on marketing experience
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Friday 2 March 2012

Amex rolls out Facebook app for Serve e-wallet

American Express has rolled out a Facebook application for its Serve digital wallet platform.
The newly launched application will allow customers to send, receive and request money directly via Facebook.
Once the transaction is completed, a message will be posted on the recipient's Facebook wall providing directions on where to collect their money or to sign up for Serve. Users can also request money using the application, selecting the relevant Facebook friend who owes them and sending a request.
In addition,  American Express has entered a partnership with Chinese payment services provider Lianlian Group, to enable the latter to use the American Express Serve commerce technology platform to develop products and services for consumers and business customers in China.

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