Monday, 17 October 2011

Senior Manager, Mobile Strategic Alliances

This organisation's success in leading the mobile payments space requires reaching out beyond the traditional payments ecosystem to work with new partners collaboratively. Mobile operators and handset manufacturers are key partner-suppliers to enable mobile contactless payments using SIM technology and new NFC handsets coming to market. The effective delivery of products to drive mobile payments is a key pillar in helping to deliver my client's vision of displacing cash and growing e-commerce revenues. The mobile payments ecosystem involves a number of new players that are new to the market, requiring the organisation to interact with, communicate with and find new models and ways of working to deliver mobile payment services to consumers. Building and maintaining relationships with mobile operators and handset manufacturers is key to ensure that the organisation can reach all consumers with next-generation payment services enriched by mobile technology. The role involves working with a wider team to engage key European operators to find the right commercial and business solutions which leverage these players’ assets, achieve mass market scale for commercialisation and ideally, create a win-win for all involved in bringing mobile payments to consumers.
The key objective of the role is to manage the interaction and mobile development activities with mobile operators and handset manufacturers by actively promoting the organisation and it's technology to both large European mobile operators and handset manufacturers. The objective is to build long-term sustainable relationships with these new partners by enabling them with the organisation's mobile technology and expertise, thereby creating additional value to Issuers through collaborative working relationships.
• A mobile expert with some knowledge of mobile contactless payments, the mobile and handset industries and an appreciation of collaborative relationships required for success in converging industries
• Capable of understanding both business and product aspects of mobile NFC and other emerging mobile payment products, including the strategic implications of a changing payments ecosystem
• Ability to promote, explain and position products and services to handset manufacturers and mobile operators in a language they understand, highlighting what is relevant to then
• Understanding of mobile industry and space as well as the basics of SIM card and/or smart card technology
• Track record of driving complex projects and/or relationships
• Ability to influence and build relationships at multiple levels in the telecommunications industry.
• Business knowledge of mobile technology and mobile industry
• Quality people skills with the capability to build sustainable relationships
• Dependable, proactive and articulate with excellent organisational, written and oral communication skills
• Significant experience in market and business development
• Ability to work iteratively to build, refine and create new mobile products
• Ability to negotiate and gain buy in from both internal and external stakeholders
• Ability to take calculated risks to achieve results
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