Monday, 2 July 2012

Anderson Zaks advertises on

Anderson Zaks provides integrated payment processing and high speed delivery services. Their RedCard software is recognised as one of the UK's leading transaction processing solutions.

They sell mainly through their partner network of resellers who specialise in their particular merchant markets in retail, transportation, tickets, healthcare, hospitality and e-commerce.

Since their first sale in  2003, they now have over 15,000 user sites, many of which are now using our PCI Level 1 accredited managed service.

Having delivered the first EMV accredited integrated solutions in 2003, they now continue in this vein with mobile POS, contactless and multinational accreditation.

They were the first UK payment processor to join EPSM and will continue to support SEPA initiatives to standardise cross border acquiring.

They are now advertising for an Infrastructure and Support Manager. To view and apply for this role, click on the following link

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