Friday, 5 October 2012

Cartes: The Sesame Awards

SESAMES Awards 2012 :

475 submissions, 36 finalists, 11 will be rewarded

Organized as part of the CARTES trade show, the SESAMES Awards reward the best technological innovations in terms of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless since 1995.

The projects submitted are presented to 38 jury members, international experts recognized in their field, who choose the finalists and the winners of the SESAMES Awards, in total impartiality and confidentiality of entries, thus highlighting the most dynamic and most ingenious companies.

The SESAMES Awards reward the best projects in 10 categories. For the first time this year, the SESAMES Discovery will give an award to the best innovation presented by a start-up company.

The SESAMES Awards’ finalists will be presented at CARTES in the SESAMES Area, hall 4. The Winners will be announced during the SESAMES Awards Ceremony, on November 5th, 2012 (upon invitation).

Discover the 36 finalists:


  • Advanced Card Systems Ltd. with "ACR1222U-J4 Li-ion Web-To Reader"
  • Cinterion with "Firmware & Patient data Security for medical device"
  • NXP SEMICONDUCTORS with "Next Generation NFC Radio Controller"


  • Intrinsic-ID with "Secure Cloud application"
  • Morpho with "Network Triggered Multi-IMSI"
  • Rosberg System AS with "Extreme Secure Smart Device"

Identification / ID Cards / Health

  • NXP SEMICONDUCTORS with "OpenWays Mobile Key DUAL© with Pure NFC™"
  • Sunward Telecom Limited with "13.56MHz RF-SIM"
  • Vision-Box with "vb i-dispenser"

IT Security

  • DS3 with "DS3 Multi-purpose Authentication Server"
  • Entersekt with "Interactive Transaction Athentication"
  • Morpho with "EMV Pro Digit"


  • Infineon Technologies AG with "Security Controller for Transport Applications"
  • KENTKART EGE ELEKTRONIK A.S. with "Onboard Public Transportation Tablet"
  • Turkcell with "Turkcell Wallett Road Toll Payment Service"

Banking / Retail / Loyalty

  • AIRTAG with "AIRFID"
  • Toro Development Ltd. with "Akami suite"
  • Turkcell with "Turckcell Home Delivery Service with Smart Magnets"

Trusted Internet / Authentication

  • NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH with "Mobile POS for eTicket and stored value reload"
  • Tatra banka with "Card&Reader"
  • Vlatacom with "VLAD-1"


  • Intrinsic-ID with "Secure Cloud application"
  • Oberthur Technologies with "Multi-brand NFC payment wallet"
  • Printechnologics GmbH with "Touchcode"


  • Elavon Merchant Services with "Elavon MobileMerchant"
  • Fiteq with "EMV MultiTeq-TagTeq"
  • Giesecke & Devrient with "Portigo"
  • Synqera with "Simplate"

Manufacturing & tests

  • Gemalto with "PrintPixel"
  • Gemalto with "Sealys Edge Sealer"
  • MGI Digital Graphic Tehnology with "JETcard 3D"


  • Bridget with "B-Smart Packaging"
  • Coded Imagery with "Personalisation of ID with Biometric Watermarks"
  • Kuapay LLC with "Kuapay"
  • RCDEVS SARL with "OpenOTP/TiQR Authentication Server"

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