Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is anybody there? PCI Council Issues Standards for Mobile Compliance

The PCI Security Standards Council issued a document this week explaining its views on mobile payment security. It provides guidelines for “how merchants can securely accept payments using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.”

“The ability to use smartphones and tablets as point-of-sale terminals to accept payments in place of traditional hardware terminals offers great flexibility,” a prepared statement reads. “As mobile technology continues to change at a rapid pace, the Council continues to work with the industry to ensure data security remains at the forefront of mobile evolution.”
This latest educational resource is the product of the Council’s Mobile Working Group and is the result of valuable input from leading merchants, vendors and organizations actively involved in the mobile payment acceptance industry. The document helps to clarify the more complex technology and security terminology into straightforward, practical guidance that can help merchants to:

·         Better understand their responsibilities under PCI DSS, and how they translate to mobile payment acceptance

·         Leverage the benefits of the Council’s recently published Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standard and programme

·         Choose a mobile payment acceptance solution that complements the merchant’s PCI DSS responsibilities, for example a P2PE solution provider

Have you read the full report ? What are your views?

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