Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sage Pay Mobile lets nomadic entrepreneurs take card payment anywhere

New tool designed for small businesses without a fixed location
Sage Pay have introduced a new product that allows entrepreneurs to take card payment from any location – using only their mobile phone.

Sage Pay Mobile has been designed in partnership with payments specialist CreditCall and hardware supplier Thyron, to help start-ups without a fixed base accept card payments anywhere.
The secure handheld terminal connects to the merchant’s smartphone via Bluetooth.
It is expected to be a particularly big hit with sole traders particularly those focussed on the utilities and services sector.

The card’s data is encrypted at the source, so neither the merchant nor the phone ever sees the card details – ensuring the device meets the latest PCI terminal security standards.
Simon Black, CEO of Sage Pay, said: “There are over half a million businesses in the UK who are still unable to accept card payments.

“Small businesses need to be able to take payments anywhere, at anytime, with a reliable card reader.”
Mat Peck, head of innovation at Sage Pay, added: “This solution brings innovative payment technology to the UK in a manner that is standalone, cost-effective and highly secure.

“The Sage Pay solution uses the only mobile card reader in the European market that meets all the latest security, encryption, and Chip and PIN standards.”
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